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Presencia Latina Publishing (August, 2017)
Presencia Latina Publishing

Latin Flavour at the International Jazz Festival in Toronto

The rhyth was simply irresistible; the mood, a delight; the audience was filled with excitement. This is the way it was at the Latin Jazz Festival at the Beaches, taking place in conjunction with the International Jazz Festival in Toronto and having the best representatives of our music as well as enthusiasts of Caribbean and Latin rhythms.
This is a party, so despite age, origin or ability, the audience took the opportunity to dance and have fun.

Santerías: A Spell of Latin and Funk fusion

Ana Lía still has adrenaline running through her veins, Oriana Barbato is smiling, and along with Juan Toledo, they wait for Randolf Jiménez to take down his drums. They are euphoric, and not without reason, their performance was brilliant at the Latin Jazz Festival at the Beaches.
They are Santerías, a Toronto based band that fuses Latin music with Funk, “we like to mix it up, rather than playing a Cumbia, we like to combine styles, especially the Latin vein with anything that comes from another part of the world. We call our style RUMBAFUNK. Rumba is a rhythm but in Spanish, it also points to the concept of partying so it’s the festive part of Latin music, and Funk, which adds a North American ingredient.”
Santerías started 15 years ago with Juan Dino on the guitar and Oriana on the bass. After having a number of lineups, they found their true chemistry with their most recent members Ana Lía, vocalist, and Randolf Jiménez on drums. “We feel like we have super powers now with Ana Lía and Randolf, I believe that in the past 3 years our level of performance has increased”, says Oriana.
Their style has had an excellent reception with many audiences, Randolf tells us, this is something we can corroborate with the accolades that we have received by the spectators.
Oriana and Juan Dino are from Chile, and they have lived most of their lives in Toronto. Ana Lía is from the Dominican Republic and Randolf is from Venezuela; an interesting combination exposing the sentiment of South America, the heat of the Caribbean and a free and cosmopolitan air, something very much belonging to Toronto. All of this is captured in their music and performance.

By: Olager Chacón
Presencia Latina, August, 2017.


“The return of Santerias, a band that it’s all about synergy and fusion, they’re fantastic.”
Garvia Bailey, CBC Big City Small World


“If Santerias were just another flamenco group, I wouldn’t be profiling them here today. Toronto band Santerias plays flamenco, yes, but their brand is so much more vital and alive. Hot Salsa, and more…a potpourri of styles to create their own unique sound. There’s a hunger for a sound and a band that puts a nice twist to flamenco.”
Errol Nazareth, Toronto Sun


“Flamenco may have its roots in Andalusia, Spain, but Toronto’s Santerias opens up the style to the sounds of the world, incorporating elements of Brazilian tropicália, Colombian cumbia and Middle Eastern and South Asian rhythms…. Fans of international sounds will find lots to like here: the songs are tight and melodic, and the band has a knack for keeping things catchy.” NOW Magazine


Chosen best Alternative Latin band by NXNE (North by Northeast)


“Only in a multicultural centre like Toronto could a group like Santerias come alive and thrive, introducing us to their unique blend of Latin American, flamenco, reggae and jazz influenced sound. Language is not an issue, because the group’s energy and inventiveness cut across all barriers.”
Cathy Riches, Downtown Toronto Jazz Magazine




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